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Cutting Edge Software Development & Geological Services   

FieldCraft IT and Geological Solutions

FieldCraft: cutting edge software solutions for all:

Web Sergeant - the most robust & reliable web menu maker on the market and the only web menu software offering both interoperability and standards-compliance validation.
Stretch - the most advanced speed reading software on the market and the only speed reading package based on recommendations made in peer reviewed literature.
IQ-Power - the only scientific IQ test on the market that eliminates the influence of prior problem solving knowledge on the the outcome of the test.
DrawBridge - Must have browser security package that stops most security threats by preventing the unauthorised launch of phantoms, virii, worms, spyware, browser hijackers, popups, and other security violations.
Clear-It - the ultimate task manager:a utility that can be used to create the correct operating environment for installing software, burning CDs & DVDs, and reviewing all background processes.
Blackjack Examiner - a blackjack simulator to let you test your blackjack system before you risk your money.
Australian Postcode Survey - postcode survey software for Australian retailers.



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As you can see, there are definite linguistic patterns, but not those corresponding to the English language, from which the above paragraph was enciphered.


FieldCraft Software Services Division Offers:

FieldCraft is responsible for the development of several commercially successful software projects, including a web menu builder that implements interoperable web menus that do not rely on Java & VBScript which are ultimately disabled by competent web surfers; a speed reading trainer that can help make reading more pleasurable and less time consuming; a scientific IQ test that is repeatable and can be used to filter out cultural and circumstantial bias when determining intelligence; a browser security application that closes the Zero-Day Hole, is impenetrable to script-based attacks, and is the only package on the market that secures and monitors the Windows Internet Security settings; a persistent task manager that displays all background applications, can be used to terminate multiple tasks without asking nicely, or even close everything not directly related to the operating system; a blackjack simulator that allows the testing of blackjack systems and basic strategy before any money is risked; a postcode survey application designed for Australian retailers that can sort results by state for country clients and by capital city for metropolitan clients; and a trial locking program that embeds the end user license agreement, promotional material, and purchasing links in the VB source code to allow the commercialisation of software developed in the Visual Basic environment.


FieldCraft Hardware Services Division offers Data Friendly PC Repairs:


FieldCraft Web Site Management and Strategic Hosting Provided by Web Design 1011 Featuring:


FieldCraft Geological Services Division Offer a Consulting Geologist

The consulting geologist is a polymath with experience as a "company man" or drilling supervisor and is one of the few geologists who have a BOP certification. The expertise of the well site geologist includes:

This broad experience is why the well site geologist is not so apologetic when it comes to debunking popular and political myths about science. Geology answers many of the questions we have about the most frightening natural catastrophes. Whether we worry about climate change, contemplate the relative value of carbon credits in the face of deforestation, or ponder the possible consequences of a future magnetic reversal; the science is not so alarming as journalists and politicians would have us believe.


FieldCraft's Chief Research Officer

FieldCraft's Chief Research Officer isn't all facts and figures. Like you, he has a philosophy of his own and has chosen to share this philosophy on his personal site. Ponder a rosy parable, or consider whether empathy might be the prime directive of the human soul. Does being need meaning? What repercussions can we infer from the diversity of the human soul? Is there a God and who is this God anyway? What of the messengers of God? What can verbal logic tell us about sacred literature and what of the sacred maxims? What of logic and how can philosophies outside science attain their own verity? Is there perhaps more to religion than climatically controlled messianic cyclicity? What happens to religion when it dies, and how does fundamentalism grow out of the death of faith?